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Business Resilience 360°

We are Erdem & Louis, two senior experts working together for 15 years on crisis management and business resilience.

Our work is based on the premise that your money and time are used as investment, not as expenditure. We do this by bringing:


Our work is based on facts and existing best practices from international institutions, businesses, public institutions, and civil society.


We combine our expertise of crisis management with coaching techniques to develop impactful & efficient products and services.


We use participative methods to customize our products and services to make sure they are actionable.


Erdem Ergin

Erdem Ergin is a disaster risk management specialist and a Master Coach. He has over 20 years of experience in preparing for and responding to crises as well as building capacity for long term risk management and disaster recovery. His focus is on capacity assessment, strategy design, business development and operational support. His work aims to promote stability during adverse events, promote credibility and impact of his clients, and reduce downtime of operations. He has worked in Turkey, the Balkans, the Unites States and the Caribbean for national institutions, international organizations, businesses and associations. He was/is on active duty following earthquakes (1999 and 2020 Turkey, 2010 Haiti), hurricanes and floods (2004-2010 Haiti, 2014 Bosnia Herzegovina) and complex emergencies (2009 Haiti, 2020 Turkey). He is on active roster for the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination and the World Bank for Post Disaster Need Assessment. His current engagements include adjunct professor at the University of Rome and coordinator of the “Critical Infrastructure Resilience” summer school at the Venice International University. He holds a M.Sc. in engineering management with major on crisis, disaster and risk management from George Washington University and MDesS in urban studies with major on risk and resilience for cities from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Louis Boutaud de la Combe

Louis Boutaud de la Combe is a Master Business Coach and Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming, a success accelerator. He has 25 years of experience in providing structural support to national and international organizations, businesses or institutions through collective and individual coaching dynamics or as an expert in processes and strategies. He is both an initiator of business model, as well as a facilitator of structural changes. He creates transformational leadership dynamics, tailored to the specific needs of each client, with clear deliverables and long-lasting impact. He works at Ministerial and CEO levels in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. His 12 years of experience of high socioeconomic, security or environmental vulnerabilities has provided him with sound expertise of crisis recovery, reconstruction and development in complex and politically sensitive context. Working for the World Bank, he provided strategic and policy support to the Haitian Prime Minister for the 2010 earthquake emergency and recovery phases. He also worked for UNDP in disaster risk management. Louis has a Master II in Business and Tax law and a Master II in Legal Management of Business Organizations from University Lyon III, France.


Professional support for your business.