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Critical Infrastructure Resilience

We work to identify strategic decisions in the design, development or implementation phase of critical assets.

Outputs: technical tools such as analytical reports, risk assessment studies, action plans, best practice catalogues.

Outcomes: elaboration of strategies, identification of priorities for resilience investment and operations.

Impact: more resilient infrastructure, city governance, lifeline utilities.

İstanbul Earthquake Scenario for Businesses (TÜSİAD)

Client Needed

Public authorities have prepared a detailed scenario for the earthquake expected in İstanbul, focusing on the human impact. The business community has expressed a need for a scenario focused on the economic impact to:

  • Understand what to expect from public authorities and what would be expected from them.
  • Identify the critical sectors that would lead the recovery process.
  • Estimate the severity and duration of disruption to the critical sectors.

BR360 Solution

Design and conduct an interactive workshop with Fortune 500 companies at CEO level, covering five critical sectors (energy, finance, telecommunication, food, and logistics) to:

  • Discuss the existing scenario and develop a common vision.
  • Estimate the severity of impact based on previous disasters and crises.
  • Identify dependencies among critical sectors, factors that could hamper/improve recovery.

(Following this report, TÜSİAD established a working group to continue working on the issue.)

Case Details

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