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Life Safety & Business Continuity

We work to develop individual decision-making and team dynamics for crisis management:

Outputs: Technical tools such as scenarios, capacity & need assessment, simulation, response plans.

Outcomes: change of behavior or thought through new skills or knowledge.

Impact: better team dynamics, better decision making, safer workplace.

Disaster Management System (Eczacıbaşı)

Client Need

All facilities have emergency plans in place and scheduled simulations and drills for various events. But most recent events such as the earthquakes in İstanbul (2019) and İzmir (2021) and the 2021 forest fires also showed that there was room for improvement on:

  • Employees better prepared for emergencies.
  • Management better handling the information flow during the crisis.
  • Decision-making process aligned around common priorities.

BR360 Solution

Design, develop and disseminate a disaster management system which builds on existing safety procedures. The new system brings added value through:

  • A clear course of action for employees, with a focus on the first 72 hours.
  • Shared responsibilities to collect, analyze and disseminate information.
  • A timeline with clear decision-making priorities.
Case Details

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