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Resilience Funding

We work to provide insight for new service/lending offerings, mobilization of funding, and allocation of resources within institutions.

Outputs: technical tools such as portfolio analysis, funding source identification, project proposal.

Outcomes: new service or lending offerings, project design and appraisal, investment decisions.

Impact: more funding available and more stakeholders engaged in resilience work.

Turkey Forest Fires (CEB)

Client Need

The forest fires of 2021 have ravaged multiple communities and brought to light the need to strengthen the capacity of most at risk municipalities. The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and Ilbank plan a 200 million Euro loan to support municipalities for:

  • Assessing forest fire risk and developing early warning systems.
  • Building an adequate response capacity to the changing risk.
  • Improving coordination among critical stakeholders and among neighboring municipalities.

BR360 Solution

Assist with the fact-finding missions, develop an operational framework, and provide technical advice for the design of project components with the overall aim of:

  • Focusing on peri urban areas, low-density residential areas located near forests.
  • Increasing effectiveness of how municipalities use existing resources.
  • Bringing together firefighting, water, transport, communication and forestry stakeholders.
Other Similar Cases

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